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1:1 Thriving Woman™ Coaching

I imagine you are here because your desire is to change something about your life and take charge of your thoughts, and old behavioral patterns. 

Through years of personal and professional experience, I have created a program focusing on 4 main pillars to address mental and emotional blocks that are holding you back from living a life filled with love, freedom, peace, and fulfillment. 

My amazing clients have reported significant positive changes both singly and in combination with the following: 

Emotional: Guilt, Shame, Low self-esteem, Lack of Confidence, Lack of love for self, Shyness, Jealousy, Guilt, Anger, Inappropriate grief period, and other relationship issues. 

Mental: Stress, Memory & Concentration problems, nightmares, Uncontrolled Fears and Phobias, Depression, Creative Blocks, Insomnia, and others.

Behavioral: Aggressive behaviors, Attention Seeking behaviors, Compulsive, and/or Addictive Behavior (Overeating, Spending).

Physical: Weight Management, Chronic Pain, Migraines, Muscle Tension, Ulcers, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Fatigue, and other stress-related conditions.


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"I never even knew where to begin with building my confidence before meeting Kahila. I feel so lucky to have been able to start my self-discovery journey with her guidance and support. She is passionate about this work and I would recommend her to anyone looking to become the best version of themselves."

"One of my trusted friends referred me to Kahila at a time where I felt desperate for change and knew I had to take a step to truly invest in myself.

I had tried traditional therapy before but never connected with it because I felt talking about my past and problems never lead to any real changes in my life. I had also tried the route of reading countless self-help books but felt I hadn’t really learned the tools to have any improvements stick. I knew I needed help to figure out how to become the woman I wanted to be and Kahila’s style of coaching seemed like the right fit. The first few sessions really stuck out to me because she challenged me to get to know myself like I never had before.

Kahila quickly became my safe space to make sense of my past and get rid of the false beliefs I carried while challenging me to lean into this new woman I knew I could be. Kahila’s focus was always on solutions which I loved because I fully believe we can recreate ourselves whenever we want and she showed me how possible this was for me. When dissecting my past with Kahila, she opened my eyes to the understanding that these stories only define me if I let them and I am able to recreate the narrative.

Through doing this work with her,  I was able to get to know my authentic self which made it easier to get rid of beliefs that had been holding me back. I finally understood that I experienced so much resistance because I carried beliefs that didn’t align with who I was meant to be. One of the best things about her is how she challenged me throughout our sessions. I always felt heard and understood but admired how she would never appease me or tell me what I wanted to hear. Instead, she asked the right questions that helped me get to know myself and see things in a way I hadn’t before which led me to develop confidence within.

This also helped me to find the confidence to trust my intuition which is the most empowering feeling to know that no matter what happens I have the guidance within me to get through it. In addition to making sense of my past, Kahila helped me uncover my true passions by getting to know my authentic self for the first time in my whole life. This has been the most exciting journey and now I am always able to look within for the answers that I previously sought from outward sources. I am forever grateful to Kahila for shifting my perspective and helping me see myself in a complete new light. Through all this work, I finally have real clarity about my strengths and what makes me special and that’s where my self worth comes from. I never even knew where to begin with building my confidence before meeting Kahila. I feel so lucky to have been able to start my self-discovery journey with her guidance and support. She is passionate about this work and I would recommend her to anyone looking to become the best version of themselves."



"Kahila is a complete master in listening with intent, and connecting with your soul. She has this uncanny ability in being completely present, and deeply observant while serving you. I've had some of the deepest conversations where she's unlocked the root of my problems and shifted like perspective no other coach has ever done. She is honest, compassionate, and respectful, in telling you what you need to hear. I'm so impressed by her complete transparency, high-level emotional intelligence and tangible, actionable steps she has given me in becoming a better person for myself, my family, and friends. I highly recommend Kahila, for unlocking your true potential and breaking through any obstacles that may be in your life."



"I was referred to Kahila by a friend because I was having trouble fulfilling a lifestyle outside my career and just finding happiness within. I was so focused on my business that I had lost touch with spending time with family, friends and finding a woman to share my life with. It felt as if I had lost my center and growing anxiety began to grow because of it. I was a bit skeptical at meeting with any kind of life coach, empowerment coach, or career counselor. But when I met with Kahila for the first time that skepticism was immediately gone. She did an amazing job listening to me and understood what I needed to do to start loving my life again. It started with a program that worked with me on my self-talk and then a more detailed breakdown of actions I took right away to start this new personal empowerment journey of mine. I am so grateful to have had Kahila to help me get through my our roadblocks and see the possibility that was within me the whole time. I recommend her to anyone looking to breakthrough their own inner barriers and start taking control of their life. Thank you so much!"

~B. A


"I started working with Kahila as my empowerment coach about 4 months ago and have experienced so much growth since then.  It's hard to even imagine the person I was such a short time ago.  Our sessions focus on how to change my self-talk to a more positive one and getting really clear on what I want my life to look like; then together we determine what needs to happen to get to that point.  Kahila provides the resources, the tools and the questions that you then need to answer yourself.  Self-growth is not something that happens overnight but I can attest that if you're ready to put in the work to achieve what you want the universe will give you that and so much more!  Now, whenever I find myself struggling I am better able to handle these situations on my own because of her guidance working through these situations in the past.  Our sessions are always very comfortable and she always allows me the opportunity to have it in a space that is inspiring for me to be open and/or a space for more privacy when needed.  Thanks to her for the tools to overcome my mental blocks and reach higher than my loftiest goals AND for always reminding me to give MYSELF credit for putting in the work to making these changes in my life!"

~A. M

"Determined, self-reliant and goal-oriented, are the words that I’d use to describe Kahila.
A few months ago, I was introduced to Kahila with the intention of simply having her as a guest on our podcast, to share her story of overcoming unique life circumstances.
Since the initial podcast interview, Kahila has helped guide me through one of the most important chapters of my life, to date. Due to her ability to ask thought-provoking questions and help me better understand my emotions, I was able to finish my book and improve as a public speaker.
I highly recommend Kahila to any event or organization that’s looking to transform lives."








**Disclaimer, in order to respect the confidentiality of my clients I will not reveal names or pictures of the individuals.**