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What you can expect from me as your empowerment coach and performance coach: I will always be consistently positive, constructive, motivational, inspiring, and effective. I will always guide you in a direction where you can find your own power and recognize that you have all the answers you have been searching for your entire life.


The relationship you have with yourself is quite literally the most important relationship in your life. Too often we work on relationships with others outside of ourselves, rather than working on the relationship with ourselves. Furthermore, the most important conversation you will have in your life is the conversation with yourself. 


You've probably forgotten that you possess the necessary coping skills and resources to face life’s challenges.


You may have yet access these resources or may view any or all of them negatively.


Your success or failure in life, career, love, relationships, finances, will depend on what you accept from others, and more importantly what you say when you talk to yourself. 


Let's change that inner dialogue forever and as a result, change your life forever.



Problems stem from the ways one copes with them, not the problems themselves. In other words, the ‘problem’ is not actually the problem. The story that is repeated in your mind about the problem creates negativity and it allows the ‘problem’ to continue without an end in sight. 


The sun is always there, waiting for you through the dark clouds. Your greatness is always there, waiting for you through the clouds of your dark words.



As your coach, I want you to be generating more of your own solutions with me in the moment,  where there is a shared understanding of your goals so that we can move forward with thinking about strategies that will create lasting shifts in your life. 



You are love, 




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