Do You Know How to Handle Your Emotions?

Updated: Apr 5

To create the life of your dreams, you must learn how to heal past emotions, and learn how to manage current and future emotions.

Most of us are walking around as a fraction of who we really are. We have a hard time recognizing our own emotions. We’ve built this protective shell due to our life experiences. This shell prevents us from living a satisfying and fulfilling life.

Without our emotions we can’t make decisions; we can’t decipher our vision and dreams. We can’t set boundaries or behave skillfully in all relationships.

We cannot connect or, even, find our dearest love.

Feeling and understating your emotions will not only help you heal your past pain, but it will inform you of how you can accept and nurture your emotions should a future event bring you deep pain.

In my practice with my clients, I inform them that we will touch on past events and traumas, however, the point is not to live in those memories, rather analyze how those memories are still a part of the current life in their thoughts and emotions, and in some cases even behaviors.

In this video I will discuss the importance of understand, accepting, and managing your emotions regardless of the situation.

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