Signs You're an Empath

Updated: Apr 5

Have you ever wondered why you feel things so strongly?

Do you ever feel drained by negative conversations or negative people? Chances are you've been told "stop being so sensitive." So who really is an empath?

It’s really important to understand yourself and someone else around you who might be an empathy because this will provide comfort in finally being able to understand yourself on a deeper level, and also you will learn what you need to do to help and heal yourself.


These are some of the characteristics and personalities of Empaths. Be aware that not all will apply and there are a few more characteristic that I posses and have seen in my clients as well not mentioned in this video due to time awareness.

Here are just a few characteristics,

* You are intuitive… but might not recognize this special power in yourself.

* You are most likely an introvert, although, I have clients, including myself who are ambrivert, which means we are both extroverts and introverts. This means you gain energy from being around people you care about and also need to recharge alone, away from other people’s energies and emotions.

Watch the video below to find out if you're an empath.

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