ReimagineYourself & Your life  

If You Can Think It, You Can Live it. 

Think, Feel, and Thrive 

Imagine what it would be like if you could overcome mental, emotional, and spiritual pain and block and thrive in every part of your life. 


Learn the Surprising Reason Why so Many Women Have Been Feeling Stuck and Blocked. 

Thriving Woman Coaching

Freedom is available to everyone, there isn't anyone that could not live the way they want to live. 


It's time to learn how to MASTER your life by learning how to create anything you desire. Meet the better version of yourself.

What if...





You didn't have to feel alone and hopeless during this quarantine


and instead, you engaged in learning, growing, healing, and thriving

with other women who want to do the same, AND build a forever tribe 

as you learn how to THRIVE and not survive.

What if...

Instead of searching endlessly, scrolling through FB/IG and countless webinars with little value to you could have access to EXACTLY what you desire and need:

healthy relationships (including with yourself), a fulfilling and abundant career and/or business, clarity, freedom from the past, freedom of expression, resilience, and true happiness. 

That's what's waiting for you in Thriving Woman Course. 

Are you existing or are you living?

The Thriving Woman Platform is perfect for you if you've ever said anything like this:  

"I just can't seem to get anything done!
Nothing seems to go right for me!"

"I have goals but they seem far from my reality."

"I haven't figured out what I want yet. But I know I was made for more."

"I can't seem to get the promotion I want." 

I keep dating the wrong men/women. I am so ready for the partner.

"When will I ever learn!

"I'm just tired of being sick and tired." 

"I'm tired of living life for others and being told my values."

"I struggle to stay focused and constantly procrastinate."

Shrinking yourself and believing you are incapable might have felt safe or accurate at some point in your life-- the truth is that the only validity it has now is coming from your own beliefs. 


You no longer need to shrink yourself because all other parts of your life is waiting for you to open up.  

Here's what people are saying 

"It's hard to even imagine the person I was such a short time ago."
M.A., CA 
Kahila is a complete master in listening with intent, and connecting with your soul. She has this uncanny ability in being completely present, and deeply observant while serving you.
S.C., CA
I was a bit skeptical, but when I met with Kahila for the first time that skepticism was immediately gone. She did an amazing job listening to me and understood what I needed to do to start loving my life again.
B.A., CA

If thoughts become things, could your thoughts then reshape your life?

How has your life changed in the last year?

Has there ever been a period where your life changed dramatically? This could mean that maybe you committed to losing a lot of weight… you landed your dream job or started a business… or you met the love of your life.

Those are the times in your life that you remember the date that this or that happened and how you felt.

Now, using your imagination, as you did while thinking about the special moments in your life, imagine what it would be like to have a year that's 10 or 50 times better than that.

That’s exactly what you can expect to experience as a member of the Thriving Woman Membership/Coaching Program. 

This platform is designed for your growth, your wins, and the achievement of your goals. It is designed for you to overcome your mental and emotional block and start thriving and not surviving. 


I’ve been doing this for several years- I'm not guessing whether these methods work or not. This is a tried and true, proven system that helps you improve your life, as it’s improved not only my own life but all my clients.  


If you want to experience the best of your life—for you and your loved ones, this is for you. 

Decide today and your dream life could be just 12 months away.

I want you to imagine your life in which... 

You believe in yourself and your life now, and always

Waking up each day feeling alive, living your purpose, and with passion.


You have learned how to use Emotional Intelligence to benefit your personal and professional life 

Knowing that your emotions are the most powerful factor in how you respond and interact with the world around you. Feeling empowered, liberated, and determined to really enjoy and love your life. 

You embody the Thriving Woman that you truly are

Knowing that you have the power to intentionally create the life you really want and become a Thriving Woman. 

You learn that the conversation with yourself is the relationship with health and happiness.

Coming out from behind yourself, where you've been hiding all these years and change your reality, tackle tough challneges, and enrich all your relationships 


You are fully supported by your tribe

Receiving the support of likeminded women who also want to thrive in life and not just survive. These women will have your back and lift you up every step of the process. Our amazing tribe doesn't compete, compare, or judge... we lift each other by love and support only. 

Our Journey

Your Course will include 

2-hour Sessions each month where you have the opportunity to learn new skills and receive 1:1 life coaching. 

Membership to a private FaceBook Thriving Woman Group where you can connect with your tribe and share your progress, blocks, and wins. 

FREE weekly Q&A check-ins on the private Facebook group hosted by me to provide support and guidance. 

Two FREE direct message access to me should you need more support. 

Exclusive worksheets to guide you through your process. 

And a FREE BONUS if you reserve your spot now! 

© 2017 by Kahila Hedayatzadeh, MA.