Leadership Mastery 


We rise by lifting others





Master the skills to have life-changing influence 



  • Were you recently promoted to a leadership position and want to develop your skills as a leader?

  • Are you an entrepreneur and the next steps of business development is to hire a team but you’re hesitant because you have never lead a team before? 

  • Or are you someone who has been in the leadership position and is feeling defeated because your team isn’t where you want them to be?


In most leadership training you’ll learn about the driving forces behind other people's behaviors and mindset. However, the secret to building a great team is about emotional intelligence, which means understanding your own emotions, behaviors, and communication skills first, then learning how to collaborate with your team based on those learned skills. 


The most successful leaders are able to create the opportunity for team members to have bold conversations, think passionately, be authentic, and have the skills to collaborate with other team members and their leader(s). 


In today's world, with 5 different generations in one workplace, each leader should be able to have the skills to do the following in order to have a successful outcome:


  • Having self-awareness and learning how to receive feedback from the team.

  • Applying and enhance positive affect in the workplace, and having the ability to bring harmony and conflict resolution to your team. 

  • Having the skills to collaborate, and bring together a diverse range of viewpoints and opinions to make the best decisions. 


Make the decision today to empower yourself and build an impactful life. Only you can create the change. I applaud your courage and commitment to becoming a better leader, and I’m looking forward to helping you make an impactful difference not only in your own life but also the lives of those you have the privilege to touch. 



Live with passion and love. 














© 2017 by Kahila Hedayatzadeh, MA.