Healing all parts of you after Cancer 

**NOTE: Cancer is not your fault. You did not cause cancer in your body. The notes below are to help us understand how our emotions affect our well-being.*


Often times we talk about emotions after the cancer diagnosis. Although valid, and extremely important to process all emotions during and after the cancer diagnosis, we forget about the emotions that existed before the diagnosis. 

Our work together will be all-encompassing. 


Research has shown that one or multiple emotional trauma(s) can create certain diseases in the body. 

This is due to how you process your emotions, and if you have allowed those emotions and thoughts linger in your body for long periods.


How you think and how you feel create your reality.


For years, we have trained our minds to work against us. Have you ever noticed that once you start to think about an old memory, you end up thinking about other memories that create stress within you?


The reputation of stress-producing thoughts creates an uncontrollable loop. This conditions the body to become a place of pain and agony. 


If you are living with the same emotions every single day, your body is thinking that it is in the same emotional environment over and over again. 


The releasing work happens when you are able to let go of the pain of the past. Because at a certain point, you have to release the things that are no longer serving you, and only at that moment will you fully heal. 


Our work together will focus on:


  • Taking control of your health (Mind, Body, & Soul)

  • Processing and healing your emotions 

  • Following your intuition  

  • Learning how to overcome anxieties and fears  

  • Increasing positive emotions  

  • Having a strong reason for living 

  • Embracing social support  

  • Deepening your spiritual connection  


It is imperative to state that I am not at all opposed to conventional cancer treatment, including surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. My work is not to raise false hope. 

What I can say is that you will heal parts of you that’s needed healing for years and years. During our work you will find the grace, strength, belief, and love you need to face yourself and recognize that you have the power to heal.  

















© 2017 by Kahila Hedayatzadeh, MA.