Hi again, 

Only read if you are interested in falling asleep from a long read... kidding... maybe. 


This page is for those of you who are interested in learning more about my professional experince and background. 

Before you read on, please remember that I am not a traditional therapist and we will not focus on solving issues, rather, we will focus on dissolving false beliefs and thoughts so you can dissolve your "problems" once and for all. 

I am a Psychotherapist, Coach, Consultant, and Speaker. I am a trained and experienced therapist in cognitive psychology and behavioral change, with a special focus on positive psychology, and integrative psychology. 

Before I get into telling you about my professional background, I want to talk about my work now, because this is what sets my heart and soul on fire. In my Thriving Woman™ program I help women heal, grow, and thrive because I fully believe that we are meant to live a fulfilled and satisfying life. 


I come from a diverse background in the nonprofit and forprofit sector. My work consists of working with adolescents and adults ranging across gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, generations, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disability, veteran status, experience, age, communication style, socioeconomic background, cross-cultural competency, and perspective. 

I have a background is in treating adults and adolescents, utilizing a wide range of modalities including but not limited to positive psychology, and holistic techniques to provide every client with an individualized experience. I have been working in diverse clinical settings including inpatient and outpatient dual-diagnosis treatment centers for alcoholics, addicts, and their family members. I've worked in the public school system working with children and their families; and I conducted individual, couples, and family therapy, as well as group therapy for men and women, mandated for domestic violence issues. For the last year, my work has also included Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity consulting,  training, and facilitation of services to clients in the education, corporate, and non-profit markets. 

As a part of my ongoing commitment to supporting the community through life’s challenges, I volunteer my time and skills to the cancer community. In partnering with a childhood cancer non-profit in San Diego, I am able to create a mental health program to support family members as they navigate through the diagnosis of cancer. I've implemented workshops, symposiums, one-on-one sessions, as well as hosting a podcast for cancer patients, caregivers, and other family members. I also support a non-profit organization as a board member focused to empower foster youth in order to restore a sense of community and belonging through sharing stories and connecting through unique circumstances. 

I am a passionate practitioner in the field of mental wellness, and personal and professional growth, and have divided my time between clinical practice, coaching, and consulting with individuals and groups in workshop settings. In my coaching practice, I deliver services to women who want to become a thriving woman in all parts of life. 

Are you still awake? If so continue to explore and schedule a discovery call with me to start your new amazing journey now.